IP6 Range - 2 PK Low VOC Polyurethane Finish


IP6 Range is a low VOC, air drying, pigmented or clear polyurethane finishing scheme providing a flexible & chemically resistant coating. IP6 Range is designed for extreme environments where colour, gloss & environmental protection are key.

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A low VOC EU legislation compliant air drying, pigmented or clear polyurethane finishing scheme formulated to provide a flexible and chemically resistant coating for all aircraft applications.The coating is designed for the extreme environments relevant to aerospace, military and space applications where exceptional colour and gloss retention allied with environmental protection are key requirements. IP6 coatings meet BSX 34 A&B and are used with conventional BSX 33 chromate primer, or more recently our chrome free 2 pack epoxy(IP3)primer, and if necessary BSX32 etch primer, or latest technology chrome free version.