700-155-003 - Rockhard Chromate Primer


700-155-003 is a anti-corrosive primer that is suitable for use on magnesium alloys, steel, aluminium and other metals. 700-155-003 is used in conjunction with Rockhard Stoving products as part of a multi-coat system.

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Rockhard Zinc Chromate Primer has been 40+ years’ service in the Aerospace Industry. Although the trend generally is away from Chromates, this industry has found nothing to beat the anti-corrosive properties of this primer and associate topcoat system. 700-155-003 is suitable for use on Magnesium alloys, Steel, Aluminium and other metals. Usually used in conjunction with other Rockhard Stoving products, as part of a multi-coat system, for example British Aerospace aircraft carriages such as the 748, 125, etc

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