985-000 - Rockhard Stoving Enamel


985-000 Rockhard Range is a green tinted epoxy stoving enamel and is an excellent protective coating for metal, including Aluminium and Magnesium. 985-000 Rockhard Range is available in different colours including Grey, White and Black.

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Rockhard green tinted epoxy stoving enamel is made to the same formula as the Rockhard clear but has a dye added to aid spraying. It is one of the best protective coatings for metals, particularly Aluminium and Magnesium. Grey BS381C, 693 is specifically formulated for a low odour high flash coating with optimum performance to MSRR9226. Rolls Royce alternative to 580-0097-6 The green and white have been formulated specifically for Rolls Royce Canada and are for use in such areas as engine support frame products and airframe components for companies like Grumman. Black gloss is for use also by RR Canada the Nene engine, although not released to MSRR9226 all colours are tested to meet the MSRR 9226 standard.

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