About Us

We are an independent specialist coating company dealing in the manufacture of high performance surface coatings, engineered to meet the ever increasing performance requirements demanded in modern industry. We offer a wide range of products for Aero Engines and Gas Turbines, which includes our Rockhard Range ; our Ipcote, Ipseal and Smoothseal ; Incralac ; Low VOC coatings including our IP3-Range - Low VOC and IP6 Range - 2 PK Low VOC Polyurethane Finish ; High Temperature ; 2 Pack Polyurethane ; 2 Pack Epoxy ; OMAT Repair Kits ; PL Range , as well as, Thermochromic Paint products, Dry Film Lubricant and Sacrifical Coatings . We also provide an extensive range of coatings produced to different Defence Standards and customer specifications.

Through innovation and creativity we have engineered a variety of specialist and niche products which help solve technical issues our customers are facing, such as protection against high temperatures, resistance to heat abrasion, corrosion and other aircraft operating fluids. Our Research and Development Department have created water based coatings; Low VOC Coatings and Low Chrome based coatings without hindering the performance of any of our products. We have also developed coatings to reflect many Defence Standards and MIL Specifications to help aid our customers in solving problems they have encountered.

We are committed to product innovation and quality, and pride ourselves in being able to manufacture any quantities of specialised products from our UK premises for distribution worldwide. As a result of our extensive research and development we have received approvals for many of our products by companies such as Rolls Royce, Pratt & Whitney and British Aerospace, among many others. We are also an approved manufacturer to ISO9001 / ISO9100 Revision 'C'; and hold accreditation to environmental specification ISO14001.

We not only offer products within the Aerospace Industry, but also project our high standards into products we develop for other industries, such as General Industrial and the Automotive Industry . We offer an extensive range of products within these industries and do advise you to contact our Sales Department for further information regarding these ranges

For further information regarding our wide range of products and services or to discuss a tailor made product to meet your specific requirements, please contact our Sales Department on +44 (0) 121 702 2485 or email us at sales@indestructible.co.uk

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