Dry Film Lubricant

Coatings designed for low friction and dry film lubrication provide permanent lubrication with consistent low friction performance over the wear life of the coating. These materials can be used on many different surfaces, examples can vary from an edge cutting tool used for rough materials to a squeaky pedal shaft in a car or a seat belt locking mechanism.

The Indestructible range of these coatings incorporates blends of solid lubricant bonded permanently to a substrate. To ensure the lowest possible friction and consistent lubrication for the duration of the design life of the bearing please take into account the following:

  • Bearing abrasive condition
  • Smoothness of the mating surface
  • Pressure or load
  • Relative speed of the two surfaces

We at Indestructible base our low friction coatings on Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) as the solid lubricant, which offers the lowest friction coefficient of any known solid with an equally low static coefficient of friction to dynamic. Whereas others use MoS2 or Graphite with binder systems to match the prevailing conditions. The low static friction ensures that mechanisms, which are required to operate intermittently, function on demand, for example, fire extinguisher plungers. Low dynamic friction on bolt will also ensure that the design tension in the bolt is achieved from the applied torque without it being dissipated in overcoming thread friction.

Dry Film Lubricants offer:

  • RELIABILITY – our coatings provide permanent lubrication and protect from corrosion in inaccessible locations to arduous conditions. Our coatings also offer a low static coefficient of friction and release, which ensures that items may be used on demand after long periods of times.
  • CONVENIENCE – our dry film lubricants can be applied, inexpensively, easily and to exacting tolerances to enhance the performance as well as to eliminate any possibility of fretting, squeaking, galling or chatter. Coatings can be applied to virtually any metal substrate and also plastics. Coatings can also be applied within a few microns thickness, if necessary. Coatings can be used in conjunction with wet lubrication e.g. on an internal combustion engine piston
  • EASY APPLICATION – normally spray coated and heat cured to substrate. Lower cure temperature coatings are available for use on plastics etc. Also used for bulk spraying small components where dip-spin or quadrant coating techniques are used.
  • ECONOMY – our coatings compare and outperform proprietary dry bearings at a fraction of the cost, offering a considerable design advantage. Our coatings offer a low friction dry lubrication but will also protect the substrate from corrosion or degradation, which will eliminate redesign costs and dramatically reduce the need to replace substrates due to corrosion.
  • PERFORMANCE – engineered dry lubricant coatings offer a permanent solution to most lubrication problems. Friction generates heat, which can cause bearing failure and seizure, our coatings eliminate this problem by offering the lowest possible static and dynamic friction for the load and speed characteristics of the bearing condition combined with the highest temperature resistant thermosetting binder systems available.

For further information or to discuss your requirements in more detail, please contact our Sales Department.

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