Incralac 40005 - Protective Lacquer for Non Ferrous Metals; Brass and Copper


Incralac 40005 is an air drying clear lacquer that has excellent resistance to UV light. Incralac 40005 also resists yellowing, loss of gloss and clarity upon ageing. Incralac 40005 can be used internally or externally.

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Air drying clear lacquer initially developed for stringent military standards for use in protecting non-ferrous metals in arduous conditions. This product is now available to the general market for protecting such metals as brass, aluminium and copper. With an excellent balance of hardness, adhesion and film toughness. Incralac has excellent resistance to UV light and resists yellowing and loss of gloss and clarity upon ageing. Originally developed for protection of brass shell cases, this product is intended for interior or exterior use

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