indestructible advanced coatings


IP Code No - 010-1301 / 1302

Product Description -

The two varnishes 010-1301 and 010-1302 are single pack, air drying varnishes suitable for use in situations where Class A, Class E or Class B insulation is required and where contact with moisture, salt spray and mineral lubricating oils is likely to occur. The varnishes are typically used on coils, armature windings and electrical and radio apparatus.

The 010-1302 varnish contains a fungicide and should be selected where a tropicalised finish is required.

Approvals/References/Specs -

DEF STAN 80-129/2 Type 1 - Standard 010-1301
DEF STAN 80-129/2 Type 2 - Fungicidal 010-1302

Application -

The varnishes are supplied suitable for brush application. However, with suitable thinning using 016-0165 the 010-1301 varnish may be sprayed. Spray application of 010-1302 is not recommended due to the incorporation of the fungicide.

Physical Properties -


016-0165 (to use with 010-1301 only)

Supply Viscosity

35°C (Abel closed cup)

Flash Point/Class/UN No

41°C / 3 / Paint UN1263

Pack Size

1 - 5 litre UN approved cans

Health & Safety

Before use please request, our latest Health and Safety Data Sheet