576-450-002 - Rockhard Stoving Enamel Clear


576-450-002 is a protective coating for metals against erosion and corrosion, this includes salt water and chemical resistance at high temperatures. 576-450-002 is approved by Pratt and Whitney Canada, Sikorsky and McDonnell Douglas.

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Known sometimes as ‘961’ Baked Resin, Rockhard Clear Stoving Enamel has proved worth over 4 decades as one of the best protective coatings for metals to erosion, corrosion, including salt water and chemical resistance at elevated temperatures particularly on Aluminium and Magnesium and as such is recommended by Magnesium Electron, the leading supplier of Magnesium in the UK. Rockhard is used in many industries, For example Volvo air intakes, coating turbine blades, computer chassis for insulation purposes, heat exchangers and radiators where it has enabled Aluminium to replace Copper in some applications. It is acknowledged as a leading product for curing micro-porosity used on engine blocks and turbo pipes etc. Its history includes protection of the Magnesium skins of the Westland Wessex Helicopter and parts of the Comet Jet liner. Since then it has been widely used in the aircraft industry where maximum protection is needed on Aluminium, Steel, Titanium and Magnesium, in marine and other harsh environments. Amongst the latest organisations to approve this product are Sikorsky for use on their AH 60 helicopter, McDonnell Douglas on their MD 500 range, and Pratt and Whitney Canada on their PT6, PT100, and 4000 range. In February 1995, GE approved this material for use on the F110 gearbox housing. The most recent approval has been by Parker Hannifin (Nicholls Aircraft Division) on the G 4461 model.

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