IP9064-6362 - Strontium Chromate Primer


IP9064-6362 is a chemically cured, high grade, chromate epoxy primer with exceptional adhesion; as well as high corrosion inhibition properties. IP9064-6362 is used as a primer for IP9064 Range; IP6 Range; IP3 Range & IP37 Finishing Schemes

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Chemically cured, high grade, chromate epoxy primer with exceptional adhesion to correctly prepared non-ferrous and ferrous substrates, particularly magnesium. The coating has excellent corrosion inhibition properties and a superior level of protection against all forms of corrosion, including filiform corrosion. Designed to provide excellent resistance to organic solvents and aircraft fluids. Principally used as the primer for our IP9064 2 part epoxy range but can be used on other IP6 polyurethane, IP3 epoxy and IP37 acrylic finishing schemes. Alternative to PR 143 system.

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