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Incralac protective lacquer for Brass & Copper

Incralac protective coating 
for Brass and Copper as used on the Royal Steam Pinnace

Air drying clear lacquer originally developed to stringent military standards for use in protecting non ferrous metals in arduous conditions, typically brass shell cases.

Incralac is now used in many marine applications for protecting such metals as brass and copper, and is intended for interior or exterior use.

With an excellent balance of hardness, adhesion and film toughness, Incralac has excellent resistance to UV light and resists yellowing and loss of gloss and clarity upon ageing. The applied film also provides excellent flexibility and resistance to cracking and flaking.

Incralac was specified and used for the brass and copper parts during the restoration of the Royal Steam Pinnace illustrated above.


Incralac is formulated for application by Brush or Spray. Use as supplied. Before application ensure removal of all polishing compounds and other surface contaminants by cleaning with cellulose thinners.

Apply 3-4 coats of Incralac, allowing to touch dry for 15 minutes between coats. After use clean equipment with cellulose thinners.

Air dry: 10 minutes: Hard dry: 1 hour




Gloss Level


Film Thickness

25 microns for maximum weathering and durability

Flash Point / Class / UN No

0C < 21C / 3 / Paint UN1263