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Thermochromic Paint

Thermochromic Paint Thermochromic paints are designed to change colour at selected temperatures to provide a visual clue as to the likely temperature of a surface. The picture left shows a pan handle changing from grey to red to warn a user that it will be hot. Or to be more precise this is a a self revealing TIC. what happens is the coloured over coat becomes transparent to reveal the colour below (in this case red).

Indestructible paint can provide either "off the shelf" solutions or bespoke combinations. Any number of colour combinations and transition temperatures are available.

Health and Safety

A very successful application is their use as a safety coating on saucepan handles.

In this example the handles can be virtually any colour at temperatures up to 47°C. At this point the thermochromic effect kicks in, the colour starts to change and becomes bright red by the time 50°C is reached.

Industries using this technology include:-

  • automotive production
  • aviation
  • chemical producers
  • healthcare producers
  • hospitals
  • military
  • pharmaceutical companies
  • service & maintenance)
  • helicopters maintenance
  • petroleum refineries
  • railway transport

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Available as two-coat systems, either stoving or air-drying, photochromic paints can also be formulated for spray application or brushing.

Thermochromic Paint Product Range:-

  1. Main: Inorganic. A coating produced with acrylic thermo-setting resins, compatible solvents or water-based and pigments with thermochromic qualities. Where coatings must stand temperatures above 280C, a proportion of the resin will include silicon material.
  2. Reveal: A thermochromic coating prepared as paint, ink or device produced with inorganic pigments on an acrylic solvent based resin. Initially one strong colour that disappears upon temperature reaching a 'trigger' temperature. Different from other ranges, it completely vanishes leaving the colour (if any) of the substrate, or message clearly visible.
  3. Computer: An off-white water-based liquid produced from organic encapsulated thermochromic pigments
  4. Chill: A Thermochromic coating prepared as a paint, ink or assembled in various devices, generally with self adhesive backing.
  5. Liquid Crystal : A semitransparent paint, ink or device made from same.
  6. Label: Thermochromic paint can be embedded into stickers and labels for permanent placement onto equipment. All thermochromic labels can be tailored to your needs.

Temperature (°C)

Irreversible Ranges

Reversible Ranges

Below 0

Under Test

Chill Range / Liquid Crystal

0 - 60


Chill Range / Liquid Crystal (CT55)

60 -120

Computer / Main

Liquid Crystal / Main (CT70/80)

120 - 200

Main / Reveal / Computer

Main (CT200R)

200 - 1250

Main / Reveal


Thermochromic Custom Products

Whilst Indestructible Paint does supply Off The Shelf products the majority are adapted to meet the specific needs of clients to ensure maximum performance is achieved. Our highly advanced R and D facilities enable clients to receive the product which best meets their needs.

Typical custom development includes: -

If you are interested in exploring the possibilities which thermochromic paints and inks offer please do contact our technical department for more information.